Contract to Hire

We provide a clear and adaptable working relationship for project-based engagements by defining terms in our Contract-to-Hire Agreement between the employing Client and the Freelancer on AmrTmm.

Engagement Period

The engagement time will start as soon as the Freelancer via the AmrTmm platform accepts a particular project proposal. This Agreement acts as a temporary understanding for a possible long-term partnership and covers the project's length.

Scope of Work

By accepting the project proposal, the freelancer commits to providing the services specified. A written agreement from both parties is required for any changes to the scope of work.


The Client will follow the parameters outlined in the project proposal when it comes to paying the Freelancer. The AmrTmm platform will handle payments securely. They will retain funds until the project is finished and approved.


Each Party undertakes to keep any sensitive information—such as project specifics, business plans, and proprietary data—confidentially shared during the engagement.

Communication and Updates

Transparent communication is critical to the success of any endeavor. The Freelancer commits to work closely with the Client, respond to inquiries right away, and provide frequent updates on the status of the job.

Termination Clause

If either party violates any of the conditions of this agreement, the other may terminate the agreement by giving writing notice. The freelancer will receive the payment for finished work upon termination, and both parties are bound to quickly return any materials that were delivered as a part of the work

By recognizing this Contract-to-Hire Agreement on AmrTmm, both the Freelancer and the Client acknowledge and agree to abide by the terms and conditions set forth herein.